How do I enable the text-to-speech tool for individual students?

You can enable and customize the text-to-speech accessibility tool in Enhanced Accommodation (EA) assessments for individual students. You can also enable and customize this tool at the tracker level.

Open Tracker

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Trackers link [1]. In the Trackers page, click a tracker name link [2].

Open Student Editor

Open Student Editor

In the tracker's student list, hover over a student's name [1] and click the Edit link [2].

Enable Text-to-Speech Options

Select Text-to-Speech Option

To enable the text-to-speech tool in EA assessments for the student, click the Enable Text-to-speech toggle [1].

You can customize the text-to-speech tool for the student. Customizing the tool applies the settings across all selected assessment types for the student. By default, all options are selected.

To enable the text-to-speech tool for benchmark or formative assessments, click the corresponding checkbox [2]. To enable text-to-speech for passages within assessment questions, click the Include Passages checkbox [3].

To save the settings for the student, click the Save button [4].

Note: The text-to-speech tool must be activated in your district before users can enable it for individual students. If you would like to enable the text-to-speech tool, please have your school or district administrator contact your Regional Education Consultant.