Using Text-to-Speech on Item Bank Assessments

Note: This accommodation needs to be enabled for each student individually, if you would like to enable this accommodation please see the Making Text-to-Speech Available to Students Article.

Step by Step

Using Text to Speech on Item Bank Assessments

  1. Have your students enter the Test ID and their Student ID into


  1. When text-to-speech is enabled a toolbar will appear in the upper right of the assessment.


  1. Push the Play button to have text-to-speech read the entire question and answer choices.


  1. Use the pause or stop button as needed. In addition you can click on the hand icon to highlight a portion of the text to be read aloud.


Note: Text-to-speech is currently available for questions and passages, but will not read images or text associated with the images.

*Text-to-speech is not available for iPads.