Item Versioning

Item Versioning allows MasteryConnect to version an item(question) that has been updated by the item bank provider.  This allows MasteryConnect to maintain data integrity in scored assessments and also keep the Item Bank in it's most updated state.  
When item updates are applied to the Item Banks, some items will be versioned in the process.  This will affect assessment creation with items from both Certica and CASE Item Banks.  

When a new version of an item is sent from the item bank provider:

  • The Item Bank soft deletes the old version and displays new version.
  • Any reserved items in the Item Bank are replaced with the new version.
  • In preexisting assessments, the old version remains.
  • If the assessment is already added to a tracker, the old version stays and cannot be replaced.

You can see what assessments have old items when you clone or edit the assessment. 

  • When you clone or edit an item based assessment, the old version will still be in the assessment and labeled as the old version. 
  • If any old item is deleted, it cannot be found and returned to assessment.
  • The new item can be found in the Item Bank. 
  • If the new item is added to the assessment, the old version is deleted from the assessment. 

*Note-  MasteryConnect currently updates on all changes from the Item Bank providers.  We don’t discern why an item was changed, just that it was changed by the Item Bank provider.