What is MasteryConnect? Home Letter

As a teacher or administrator, you could use this letter as a template for a Home Letter to inform parents about MasteryConnect and how it is used in your school(s).  

Below is information that is included in the letter that you can download and edit here.

MasteryConnect Overview

What is MasteryConnect?

MasteryConnect is an online teacher tool and student assessment platform. It allows teachers to efficiently and effectively determine what your child knows and doesn’t know based on the core standards. Students can take a variety of different assessments and receive results instantly. The results are displayed by standard, so while students will still get an overall percentage on any assessment taken, the focus is on the mastery level of the specific standards. In most cases this is displayed by 3 colors, red (remediation), yellow (near mastery), and green (mastery). These colors help teachers, students, parents, and leaders know exactly where your child is at on the learning continuum and respond to that data.


What is Mastery Learning?

Mastery Learning refers to teaching to the standards and providing feedback in learning so that students can “master” a specific skill and/or concept. Teachers therefore, assess not just using end of unit tests, but daily incorporate short quick assessments so that students get immediate feedback and more learning can take place.


How are we using it in our building?

(In this section, you may insert information pertaining to your own school.  Include how your school uses MasteryConnect and insert your own goals/purpose here.)