Personal Teacher Item Bank

Teachers can now create and author items in their own personal item bank. 

**This has to be a feature made available to teachers by a district administrator.  Please contact a school or district administrator if you are interested in this feature.   

Step-by-Step: How to Create Items for your Teacher Item Bank

  1. Click on Assessments, then click Item Bank Beta in the sub navigation bar.
  2. Click on Add Item.
  3. On the New Item page, add a Title, select the Question Type, Subject, Core, Class, and Standard.
  4. To align the question to more than one standard, click Add another standard.  You can also optionally add the Blooms, Difficulty, and DOK.Item Bank Step 1
  5. Click Continue.
  6. This will take you to a new page to add the details for your new item.  Click here to learn how to continue creating your specific item type.
  7. Want to watch videos about the different item types instead of read the articles?

●  Item Authoring Introduction​: Includes: N​avigation,​ ​Passages,​ and Adding Features and Passages 

●  Item Authoring - ​Standard Item Types​: Includes: ​Multiple Choice/ MultipleSelect​, E​ssay Long Text​, E​ssay Plain Text,​ and​ Short Text 

Item Authoring-​ Simple TEI​: Includes:​ Choice Matrix​, M​atch List,​ Sort List,​​ Order List, ​Math Formula, ​​Label Image,​​ Drag and Drop 

Item Authoring - ​Advanced TEI​: Includes: ​Formula Essay​, S​imple Chart​, N​umber Line Association,​ ​Number Line Plot​, G​raph Plotting,​ ​Classification​, I​mage Cloze Math Formula,​ ​Cloze Math Formula,​ ​Image Dropdown,​ ​Image Highlight,​ ​Simple Shading,​ Highlight,​ ​Cloze Association​,​ Cloze Dropdown,​ and C​loze Text 


In your own personal bank, you can Draft and Publish Items & Create Passages.

Your Published Items can then be used to Create an Assessment. You can also mix them with items from the other Item Banks by switching Assessment Sources.