Helpful Resources for Item Authoring


There are many resources available to help explain and show how to author your own items.  You can locate the Help Center and Online PD by clicking on the question mark next to your name.   

There are several articles in the Help Center that provide step by step on how to manage the item bank and create each type of item.  You can find these articles by going to Item Authoring section.  

The Items types are categorized by standard, simple and advanced.  


There are also Online PD Videos to help walk you through the creation steps.

Learn how to create an item and add a feature and/or tool by watching this video.

You can learn about the different item types by selecting from these different courses.  


  •  Item Authoring-​ Simple TEI​: Includes:​ Choice Matrix​, M​atch List,​ Sort List,​​ Order List, ​Math Formula, ​​Label Image,​​ Drag and Drop 


  •  Item Authoring - ​Advanced TEI​: Includes: ​Formula Essay​, S​imple Chart​, N​umber Line Association,​ ​Number Line Plot​, G​raph Plotting,​ ​Classification​, I​mage Cloze Math Formula,​ ​Cloze Math Formula,​ ​Image Dropdown,​ ​Image Highlight,​ ​Simple Shading,​ Highlight,​ ​Cloze Association​,​ Cloze Dropdown,​ and C​loze Text