Reopen a Submitted Assessment

Sometimes, a student may accidentally submit an assessment before they have answered all of the questions. A teacher may reopen the assessment and save the student's progress so they may continue to complete the assessment.  If it is a benchmark, please contact your school or district administrator; they will be able to reopen it.


How to Reopen a Submitted Assessment

  1. First, open the tracker and click on the assessment title.
  2. Highlight or click on the score to delete it. Press the delete key and then enter.
  3. A confirmation window will pop up.  It will ask you if you want to unscore and reopen the assessment.  Click confirm.  This will open the assessment back up for the student to log in and finish taking the assessment.

*Note: if you want to delete the student's current responses, select the box and then click confirm.  This will delete any work the student has already completed on the assessment and cannot be retrieved.