LockDown Browser

This requires that your district install Respondus LockDown Browser (MasteryConnect OEM version) to your student devices. Once LockDown Browser has been installed, please contact MasteryConnect Support to enable the LockDown browser feature in your account. 

Install Respondus LockDown Browser (MasteryConnect OEM Version) on Student Devices

Please download the correct installer for each device:

*For districts already using LockDown Browser on Mac and PC with other apps, please note that you will also need to install the MasteryConnect OEM version. Both editions can be installed side by side without any conflicts. iPad users can continue to use LockDown Browser if it has already been installed for another application. The auto-launch technique will work regardless of whether another institution has been selected.

Enabling LockDown Browser for Benchmarks

The LockDown feature is only for benchmarks, so you will need to activate the LockDown browser for each benchmark by clicking the box on the benchmark delivery page. 1.png

After LockDown Browser has been enabled for a Benchmark, students can access the LockDown Browser experience through student.masteryconnect.com, the student portal, or through an LTI connection.