Secure Benchmarking Mode

Secure Benchmarking Mode is a feature that allows the district to hide the questions, answer key, and the assessment itself from School Administrators and Teachers at ALL TIMES, regardless of the status of the Benchmark's availability. 

This feature will need to be enabled at a district level and communicated with your Customer Success Manager.  After it has been enabled at the district level, only district admins will be able to enable the feature on the benchmark delivery page.  

It's VERY IMPORTANT to keep in mind that there's some inherent risk to this type of secure Benchmarking experience. At this time, District Administrators and Benchmark Facilitators are able to enable this setting for Benchmarks that contain Rubric Criteria questions. If they do this, Teachers won't have a way to grade the assessments, as they won't be able to utilize Performance Grader. 
It's important that this setting is only enabled for Benchmarks that are completely auto-scored.

When this setting is enabled, District Administrators and Benchmark Facilitators will see a new setting on the Benchmark management page. The setting is a checkbox that needs to be enabled on an individual Benchmark basis.

With the Secure Benchmarking Mode enabled, teachers will be limited as to what they're able to see for the Benchmark, even when the benchmark is available. Using the orange menu button, Teachers will see the same list of options, but with the inaccessible selections greyed out.  They will not be able to view the assessment, print student scores or launch performance grader.
Additionally, Teachers will not be able to access Performance Grader at any point for these Benchmarks and will not be able to type-in or change any value in the standard cells.
School Administrators will also not be able to view the assessment or answer key. Normally, when School Administrators access the benchmark they would be allowed to see the assessment, the questions, and the answers when the Benchmark is available. With Secure Benchmarking enabled, they will now get this view.
School Administrators can still view reports for a Benchmark, but only Mastery Levels. School Admins are blocked from seeing the Item Analysis reports and the exported excel reports will exclude any answers for the questions.