How Do I Update my Item Bank Assessment to be Delivered via the New MasteryConnect Student Experience?

Item Bank Assessments can now be delivered using the New MasteryConnect Student Experience. Any items that have been authored in MasteryConnect at any time and assessments from third-party item banks created after the New MasteryConnect Student Experience release will have access to the enhanced accommodations provided by this experience. Assessments that contain classic content from the Certica and Inspect item banks will need to be cloned and updated.

Note: Historical data will not follow the cloned assessment.

Identify Classic Student Experience Assessments

EA & C List View

Click on the Assessments tab [1] and use the filter options in the search bar to find the assessment you want to clone. You will see assessment delivery indicators that will let you know how the assessment will be delivered to students. Assessments that can be delivered using the new student experience display the Enhanced Accommodation (EA) indicator [2]. Assessments that include Classic Content which will be delivered via the classic student experience are identified with the Classic (C) indicator [3]. These indicators are present on Item Bank tiles, Assessment Titles, the Assess Modal, and Curriculum Maps.

Open Cloning Tool

EA & C List View

To the right of the title of the classic assessment you’d like to clone, click the More Options icon [1]. Then click the Clone option [2].

Clone Classic Item Bank Assessment


Enter a name for your cloned assessment in the Title field. When you clone an item bank assessment that contains classic content, any items that can be updated to enhanced accommodation are automatically replaced. You will see the updated items in the Items in Assessment column [1]. 

There may not be updated enhanced accommodation content for each item. If an item cannot be replaced you will still be able to view the item and replace it with a different item from the bank [2]. 

Update the scoring if necessary [3], then click the Clone Assessment button [4].

View Cloned Assessment

You can view your cloned assessment that is now compatible with the new student experience by clicking the Assessments tab [1] and then clicking the Created tab [2]. Your updated assessment will display the Enhanced Accommodations indicator (EA) [3].