What are Assessment Delivery Indicators on Item Bank Assessments?

Item Bank Assessments can now be delivered using the New MasteryConnect Student Experience. Any items that have been authored in MasteryConnect at any time and assessments from third-party item banks created after the New MasteryConnect Student Experience release will have access to the enhanced accommodations provided by this experience. Assessments that contain classic content from the Certica and Inspect item banks will need to be cloned and updated.

You can distinguish which Item Bank Assessments contain content that would require them to be delivered on the classic experience and which assessments have content that is compatible with the new student experience by their assessment delivery indicators.

Assessment Delivery Indicators

EA & C List View

Assessments that can be delivered using the new student experience display the Enhanced Accommodation (EA) indicator [1]. Assessments that include Classic Content, which will be delivered via the classic student experience, are identified with the Classic (C)  indicator [2]. These indicators are present on Item Bank tiles, the Assessment Title, the Assess Modal, and Curriculum Maps.

Clone an Assessment

You can update previously-created assessments with classic content so they can be delivered using the new student experience. To do this, simply clone the assessment and the content will be updated so you can access the Enhanced Accommodations in the new student experience.

Note: Historical data will not follow the cloned assessment.