How Do I Configure Benchmark Assessment Accommodations and Tools as a District Admin?

Enhanced accommodation benchmark assessments have several tools and accommodation features to help meet students' needs during the assessment process. District administrators and benchmark facilitators can manage these tools at the benchmark level. 

District administrators and benchmark facilitators can select which tools will be available for all students to use on enhanced accommodation benchmark assessments.


Open Benchmarks

Open Benchmarks from Admin tab

To view your benchmarks, click the Admin tab [1]. Hover over the Assessments tab [2] and click the Benchmarks option [3].


Open Benchmark Manager

Open Benchmark Manager from Benchmarks page

View your benchmark in the benchmark list and click the Manage button.


Configure Accommodations and Tools

Benchmark Manager Availability tab

In the benchmark manager, click the Availability tab [1] and scroll to the end of the page. 

You can enable or disable the available tools and accommodations for the benchmark by clicking the checkbox associated with each tool [2]. 

You can also select which version of the default or Desmos calculator will be available to students [3]. 

To allow assessment authors to customize which tools are available on a question-by-question level, click the Include Question Level Tools toggle on [4].

You can learn how each of these tools function and view how they will be used by students.

Note: The Desmos calculator is only available in districts that have a paid Desmos subscription.


Save Changes

Benchmark manager Save button

After configuring your tools and accommodations, click the Save button.