Grader Overview

The Grader component of MasteryConnect's Teacher app allows students and teachers to score assessments with an iPad and have results automatically uploaded to the tracker. The Grader is divided into three sections.

View Grader

View Grader

On the Left: View a sortable student roster—Mastery to Remediation or Remediation to Mastery—that shows which students have been assessed, including a quick glance at their mastery level and score.

In the Middle: Toggle between Scan—which contains the camera window and tallies the number of students scored—and Assessment, which allows you to view the assessment source. Different tools will display depending on the assessment type you open.

You can also put Grader into Student View, which hides other students’ mastery levels and scores, including the assessment source; this allows students to grade their own bubble sheets, clearing personal data before the next scan.

On the Right: View assessment results and, if needed, edit student answers.