How do I view growth reports for my school?

As a district admin, you can view growth reports and growth projection reports.

Growth reports compare scores from an initial benchmark against scores for a second benchmark to determine whether individual students meet mastery growth goals. Learn more about growth reports.

Growth projection reports calculate the score needed on a second benchmark in order for students to meet a specified mastery growth goal. Growth projections require an initial benchmark score and a specified growth goal. Learn more about growth projection reports.


  • Only Mastery Connect accounts with SIS integrations can generate growth reports.
  • Growth reports are a District Administrator-level feature.

Open Admin

Open Admin

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Growth Reports

Open Overview Report

Hover over the Reporting tab [1] and select the Growth Reports option [2].

View Growth Reports Page

View Growth Reports Listing

The Growth Reports page displays a list of existing growth reports and the dates they were generated [1].

You can search for a specific report using the Search field [2]. You can also filter the displayed list using the Filter By drop-down menu [3]. You can view all active or archived reports.

To view a growth report, click the report name link [4].

To edit a growth report, click the Edit icon [5]. To archive or delete a growth report, click the Archive icon [6]. Learn more about editing, archiving, or deleting a growth report.

View Growth Report

View Growth Report

The growth report displays information about student growth.

The growth goal displays as the Expected Growth percentage [1].

The percent of students that achieved the growth goal displays as the Achieved Growth Goal percentage [2]. You can also view the number of students who met the goal out of the number of students who took the assessment [3]. Learn more about growth report calculations.

The average percent of growth achieved from the first to the second benchmark displays as the Average Growth percentage [4].

The assessments, grade levels, and subjects display in the Report Data table [5].

To export the report as a CSV file and to view individual student data, click the Export link [6].

Note: The calculated percentage of students that achieved the growth goal calculates only for students who have completed both benchmarks.

View Growth Projection Report

View Report

The growth projection report displays report details.

The growth goal displays as the Expected Growth Percentage [1]. Learn more about growth report calculations.

The number of students whose data is used in the projection calculation displays below the percentage [2].  

To export the report as a CSV and view growth score projections for individual students, click the Export button [3] or the Export link [4].

The selected assessment, grade level, and subject display in the Report Data table [5].

Note: To add a second assessment and create a growth report, click the Add one now link [6].

Return to Growth Reports

Return to Growth Reports

To return to the growth report listing, click the Growth Reports link.

View Exported Report

View Exported Report

The exported report displays student names [1]. You can also sort the data by school, teacher, or classroom [2].

For each student, view their score on the first benchmark [3] and their calculated targeted growth score for the second benchmark [4].

Learn more about growth projection report calculations.