How do I use the Manage Teachers page in Mastery Connect?

In the Manage Teachers page, you can view a list of the staff members in your organization. You can filter the list or search for a staff member by name.

You can also reset a staff member's account password, log in as the staff member, edit the account, or suspend the account.

Note: In Mastery Connect, a teacher account is any account that is neither a student nor a parent account. All staff member accounts are considered teacher accounts. However, users with a teacher account are not necessarily teachers and may have a user role other than the teacher role.

Open Admin Area

Open Admin Area

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link.

View Manage Teachers Page

Open Manage Teachers Page

From the Manage Teachers page, you can add a staff account [1], search and filter the staff member list [2], and view a list of all staff accounts at your institution [3].

Search Accounts

Search Accounts

You can search for a specific staff member. Enter all or part of the staff member's name in the Search field. Then press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.

Filter Accounts

Filter Accounts

Use the filters to filter the list staff member list.

To filter by school, click the School drop-down menu [1] and select a school from the list.

To view all users in a specific grade level, click the Grade Level drop-down menu [2] and select a grade level from the list.

To view all users assigned to a specific subject, click the Subject drop-down menu [3] and select a subject from the list.

To view all users with a specific role according to their user profile, click the Role drop-down menu [4] and select a role from the list.

To view all active, pending, or suspended users, click the Status drop-down menu [5] and select a status option.

View User Account Details

View USer Account Details

You can view details for each user account in the list, including the user's name [1], status [2], and role permissions [3]. You can also view the number of trackers to which the user has access [4], and the number of days since the user last logged in [5].

You can view additional user details in the user's Home page. To open a user's Home page, click their profile picture [6].

View Account Management Options

View Account Management Options

You can manage a user account in the following ways:


  • Staff accounts cannot be deleted. However, you can suspend staff accounts.
  • To edit a user's profile picture, associated subjects, user roles, phone number, number of years teaching, or their short bio, you can log in as the user. Then, edit the profile.